#NewYear : Gimme some sunshine, gimme some rain, give me another chance I wanna growup once again… New year, new day, new morning, new contracts, new work, confident.. God bless me once again.. 👍

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#Mumbai: many had been come n go.. you live here.. you live there… lots of dreams came here n get exhausted… n lots of dreams bloom here and got there stand… Mumbai had been n still have watching you… its not wat u learn abt mumbai… its wat u learn abt urself… trust me… While being in Mumbai as a new bie, u ll get to knw abt u, urself, ur capacity of tolerance and abt capability of inclusiveness… i still need to learn more.. stay connected.. more come to knw… cheers

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#TEMPLEBELL : I really like d harmonic sound, may b bcz i hv heard it million times.. we hv our own temple at village home.. i used to see n heard it lots of time, n then when i searched abt significance of bell in temple… got scientific reasons bt when i asked, my mom replied with a story.. n its really intresting one – Lord Krishna gone to King Jarasan before Mahabharata battle. King believed to fulfill everyone’s wish who come to him while rituals at sunset. But as ppl tendency, to prevent this rule, he appointed a guard at his room entrance and told him to not allow anyone while rituals. Lord Krishna knows, but still he wanted to meet at sunset time. Guard stopped him n prevent him to enter. But Krishna has given offer to him to fulfill one wish. That guard felt glad, and asked “Let me be your guard, and no disciple should be allowed to meet you without my permission” Krishna then granted his wish. And Guards consent is believed to be signaled by the ringing of the bell. Then after he meet King Jarasn and wished for support to Pandwas in war which he couldn’t refuse. So the bell is believed to be held by the guard and that Lord will pay attention to the prayers of his disciple only after the bell has been rung…

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