#TEMPLEBELL : I really like d harmonic sound, may b bcz i hv heard it million times.. we hv our own temple at village home.. i used to see n heard it lots of time, n then when i searched abt significance of bell in temple… got scientific reasons bt when i asked, my mom replied with a story.. n its really intresting one – Lord Krishna gone to King Jarasan before Mahabharata battle. King believed to fulfill everyone’s wish who come to him while rituals at sunset. But as ppl tendency, to prevent this rule, he appointed a guard at his room entrance and told him to not allow anyone while rituals. Lord Krishna knows, but still he wanted to meet at sunset time. Guard stopped him n prevent him to enter. But Krishna has given offer to him to fulfill one wish. That guard felt glad, and asked “Let me be your guard, and no disciple should be allowed to meet you without my permission” Krishna then granted his wish. And Guards consent is believed to be signaled by the ringing of the bell. Then after he meet King Jarasn and wished for support to Pandwas in war which he couldn’t refuse. So the bell is believed to be held by the guard and that Lord will pay attention to the prayers of his disciple only after the bell has been rung…

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#PALACE : An evening in a palace, worm feeling rather mixed feelings, feeling of we living in same place, feelings abt hw they were living there in Palace, hw it ws built, n why they built it, feelings abt who n hw they making budget to maintain, bla, bla n bla… Sometimes it made me so serious, bt in next sec. it proves why i ws thinking that much.. ok leave itt.. Best place to visit again New Palace Kolhapur.. Its a palace less, n wanted museum more.. 👍

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#GuruNanak : Today, I’m gonna tell you, one short story, abt Guru Gobind, abt Marathi-Sikh.. This one of the vital description I found was in a sikh philosophy: During ramble in Northern India, Guru Hargobind met Samarth Ramdas [Marathi Saint] at Srinagar in about 1634.. Fully armed and riding a horse, the Guru had just returned from an excursion.. Swami Ramdas said to Guru Gobind “Guru Nanak was a Tyagi sadhu – a saint who had renounced the world.. You are wearing arms and keeping an army and horses.. You allow yourself to be addressed as Sacha Patshah, the True King.. What sort of a sadhu are you?” Guru Hargobind replied, “Internally I am a hermit, and externally I am a prince. Arms mean protection to the poor and destruction of the tyrant. Baba Nanak had not renounced the world but had renounced Maya, i.e. self and ego: “batan faquiri, zahir amiri shastar garib ki rakhya, jarwan ki bhakhiya Baba Nanak sansar nahi tyagya, Maya tyagi thi.” These words of Guru Hargobind found a ready response in the heart of Samartha Swami Ramdas who, as quoted in Pothi Panjak Sakhian, spontaneously said, “This appealeth to my mind – Yeh hamare man bhavti hai” I had been in Gurudwara lots of time.. Lovely people arroud, free food all time to everyone, they never ask your religion, your cast or any.. They follow 3 things, 1. Vand chakko: sharing & helping who are in need. 2. Kirat karo: earning without fraud & love selflessly. 3. Naam Japna: meditation. So, Happy Guruparab.. Shubh Guru Nanak Jayanti.. 🙏

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